A New Dimension in Confidence

CS 3D Imaging

The CS 3D Imaging software features advanced algorithms and applications delivering more precise diagnosis and treatment planning. This becomes highly useful during treatments such as implant planning, endodontics, oral surgery, orthognathic surgery, and orthodontics.

CS 3D Imaging uses cutting-edge technology, low-dose cone beam radiation, and industry-leading imaging software. This system also provides the most accurate views of our patients’ anatomy. Our CBCT imaging systems utilize technological advances to significantly increase the level of detailed clinical information available to oral health practitioners. At the same time mitigating the level of patient radiation exposure. The result- getting great images is faster and safer than ever.

Here at Desert Dental Group, we take advantage of this tool to ensure our patients are getting the most accurate diagnosis. From implant planning to view axial, coronal, sagittal, reconstructed panoramic and obliques, CS 3D imaging software opens up endless possibilities to enhance diagnosis and improve patient care.

If you’re coming into our office for major work, feel free to take advantage of our 3D Imaging system, simply ask your Dentist or Dental Assistant how!


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